December 6, 2010

The Gift that will Give Back by Jill Rodriguez

I’ve always felt bad for the truly non-profit businesses out there and how they are represented online. Is a donated website still a gift if it appears to have been created by our 8 year old son? Many of these organizations struggle to find a legit agency to create their websites fearing the cost, but the right agency will work with them and find value in a barter.

In 2009, we connected with a friend of the family to create a website for their first annual golf tournament to benefit ALS, Bernie’s Tournie 4 ALS. We didn’t dream of charging them for the effort being that we wanted to support the cause, and on Tournament day, we discovered just how rewarding a website donation can be.

Registration for the event and sponsorship both required participants to filter through the website. Then at the event, our logo was blown up on a banner with a handful of major sponsors.

In preparation for next year’s tournament, we recently updated the site with next year’s info and pictures from the 2010 event. This time around we set up the site in WordPress so that as sponsors join, our client can quickly update the site themselves with sponsor logos.

Between the web and the event, the exposure has been tremendous. We’re so happy to be playing a small role to benefit this cause.

I hope that more agencies will see the value and offer up their services to positive organizations, like Bernie’s Tournie 4 ALS. We found that donating our services has not only been rewarding but it has expanded our reach.

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