July 19, 2010

SEO – The New School by Jill Rodriguez

jill@amtopmcreative.comIt’s time to stop the shenanigans – organic search engine optimization hardly exists anymore! The Google crawlers have ignored keywords and tags for years now.

Today it’s mostly pay for play, but if you have the time, there are some tricks out there that work…

  1. Google Ads – Sign up and you’ll broaden your content base. It’s FREE and easy to set up.
  2. Social Networking – Create a Facebook & LinkedIn account for your business
  3. RSS feeds – feed in relevant articles/news into your website to keep your content fresh and broad
  4. Off-Site Links – Pepper blogs, forums, what-have-you with your message and a link.
  5. Yahoo Answers – Go in with one account and ask a question that’s relevant to your business (use a common search term that you would want to be found under). Go in with a different account and answer the question by promoting your business.
  6. Wikipedia – write an article that’s relevant to your business/industry and site your business as the source.
  7. Blog – add a blog to your website and don’t be lazy with it. Write articles that are loaded with common search terms.
  8. Domains – buy domains based on the search terms you want to be found under (e.g. BestWebDevelopmentFirmInNC.com). Save money and buy .net’s – just as effective. Set ‘em up to redirect to your site.
  9. SEO Clouds – welcome to 2.0 for keywords – they are literally a fluffy cloud of keywords in your side bar. Google’s not digging as deep as they used to, so SEO clouds are effective.
  10. Good ol’ fashioned content – Well written content that’s loaded with key terms and refreshed on a monthly basis will definitely help with your rankings.

Lastly, have patience. Nothing is instant with SEO, so put the effort in and play the waiting game.

One Response to SEO – The New School

  1. Off site links are really key. Get your url on sites relevant to your business. For example, if your site is about cooking, leave comments on all of your favorite cooking sites with your company name or url as a signature.

    Like this:
    Carlos Rodriguez