July 19, 2010

Our Tropical Evolution by Jill Rodriguez

jill@amtopmcreative.comThe whole concept of AMtoPM actually started with a dream about an espresso/wine bar. After a long 3 minute discussion, we realized we didn’t have the experience or the capital to bring it to life, but we took it as a sign that we needed to start our own business – add the word “creative” and pow – we have a web design & development business. About 3 days later we launched a virtual espresso/wine bar, called AMtoPM Creative.

Fast forward to Year 2…we have a wonderful network of clients, several great additions to our portfolio, and plans to move our business to Puerto Rico in September “Puerto Ricooo, Hoo!”.http://amtopmcreative.com

The point is…we’ve evolved and our site should too.

Thanks to AJAX, we now have a crawl-able, fast processing website that doesn’t compromise on the creative end. I also became the proud owner of an iPad this year and I’d like the ability to view my own website! They know what they’re doing over at Apple, so if they’re going to boycott Flash, we trust that they have a plan.

We keep our original site near and dear to our hearts – in our archives – so that we may never forget where we started. It was pretty kick ass ; )

Let us know what you think of the new site!

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