July 30, 2010

Our Capabilites by Carlos Rodriguez

User Interface Design
UI is all about ebb and flow. Our expertise and our passion is for a more simplified and intuitive web. With every project, we try to achieve fluidity, and seamlessness. A user should be able to navigate the information naturally and with some subtle, yet specific nudging to guide them in the right direction. A successful website will be easy-to-use and fun to use as well.


Web apps are what we love and they give us the opportunity to turn a brochure site into an experience that users appreciate and even enjoy. It isn’t enough to engage with content alone – users are drawn in by interactivity. Not the kind of interactivity that bogs the user down with extra steps, but the kind that makes the information more concise, easier to absorb, and easy to share. Besides, using really cool apps makes you feel cool.

Logos & Branding
A sketch on a napkin, some clipart in MS Word, or just a thought in your head. Let us translate your identity into a brand you and others will love. We can create a brand that translates into any form of media, and most importantly one that resonates with your demographic (not in a deep, metaphorical way that no one else gets).

Brochure Sites
We’re proven in creating affordable and robust web brochures with rich content and a fresh look. We organically achieved affordability, because we have so little overhead, we’re not bogged down with unnecessary process, and we’re programmed to work efficiently. We also have a great reputation for hitting the nail on the head with design and style, even with little direction, or limited branding.

Content Management
Driving traffic to a site means having fresh content. We can equip you with some simple tools to update content as often as you want. We’ve created sites driven by WordPress, Blogger, and our own custom solutions. This gives clients power to enhance their site without the cost or time associated with typical maintenance contracts. Even the least tech savvy person will find themselves publishing content like a pro.

We’re proven in developing dynamic online shops. Sell 10 products or 10,000. We can help you figure out your store-front, a catalog, inventory management and fulfillment. With more and more people shopping exclusively on the web, we can equip clients with an affordable solution that competes with the best.

Mobile apps, games, promo videos, kiosk applications and more. FLASH UI design and programming is our expertise. The FLASH platform has outgrown the web and is best served offline. We can help you shine at trade-shows, sales presentations and in many other applications.

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